The 7 Best Robots From CES 2018

Posted on 11/01/2018 by jpvalery in Industry, Robotic News
This edition of the Consumer Electronic Show, the annual grand mass of electronics products in Las Vegas, has gifted us with so many robotics products that it might be hard to navigate among all the announcements. The team at RobotShop and our community have debated together and here's our ranking of the 7 best robots from CES 2018.

#7 LG Concierge Robots CLOi

Even though they disobeyed to LG's CMO on stage, they're very promising products and we can't wait to see them roaming airports all around the world.

#6 Aeolus, the housekeeping robot inspired by Rosie

Even though it's still a prototype, it's the closest we've come of having a butler robot like Rosie from the Jetsons

#5 Somnox, the robot that helps you sleep

We've seen apps like Shleep designed to improve your sleep quality. Now, a dutch startup wants you to have a robot to cuddle to sleep better. Some significant others might be offended.

#4 Kuri the cute smart home robot

Even though it was presented last year, it was on show this year too and has just started shipping to the first customers. It's a domestic robot which promises to make your home smarter.

#3 The Duck Robot for kids with cancer

Developed by Sproutel, this robot is designed to help kids with cancer cope with the sickness and hospital environment. This is just a perfect example of the positive impacts that robotics can have on our daily lives.

#2 Segway Loomo

After years of making self-balancing scooters, Segway is now offering the Loomo. Its value proposition is simple : ride it like a hoverboard to the store, hop off, do your groceries, load them as cargo, and it'll follow you home.

#1 Sony Aibo

There was no discussion possible, the crown for the best robot of CES 2018 was going to go to Sony's Aibo. It melted the hearts of a room full of journalists, and ours as well. We can't wait to see it invade the living rooms of the world.
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