SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility

Posted on 26/10/2013 by cowen in Lynxmotion
Screenshot of the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer UtilityScreenshot of the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility
Many of you already know the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo control board; it’s become a bit of an industry standard as a reliable interface to control up to 32 servo motors from a single board connected to a PC. RobotShop have just released a powerful software interface to enable users to control the servo motors in a totally new and graphical way – Behold the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility:
This is a free of charge standalone Exe app made using the new FlowBotics Studio robotics development platform. The main features are individual sliders for each of the 32 servo motors which can be automated via the built-in Sequencer. Key Frames of movement can be recorded and played back or patterns can be created for repetitive sequences etc. The playback speed can be altered for each frame and edited and modified until you are happy with your creation, then saved to disk and loaded at a later date. There are also some low-level features like Firmware Updating (the latest firmware files can be found here, and hardware servo calibration where any servo offsets can be hard programmed into the board. There is also a simple Terminal Window where you can send low-level commands directly to the board for testing. Finally the analog inputs to the board can be monitored and tested using the four level meters. All in all a powerful little app. ideal for anyone wanting to have precision control over their servo motors. If that wasn't enough there are possibilities to enhance the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer by using FlowBotics Studio where you can modify the source code to add and additional functionality you like. You can download the SSC-32 Servo Sequencer here free of charge: SSC-32 Sequencer
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