RocketSkates Electric Motorized Skates Unboxing

The RocketSkates are electrical motorized skates making them a new addition to automated personal transportation. We will have two models available for sale on the RobotShop website by the end of April; the R-8 model and the R-10 model. The model that we will be unboxing in this post is the R-6 model. The difference between the models are the range time and distance that these skates can function with a full charge. Between the three models the manufacturer has also chosen different colors to differentiate them. The R-6 has a range of 6 miles or 45 minutes, the R-8 model 8 miles or about 70 minutes and lastly the R-10 model 10 miles or 90 minutes. The RocketSkates are shipped in a large box, that's where our customers in North-America are grateful for free shipping over 75$ at RobotShop.
rocketskate boxingRocketSkates Box
RocketSkates box angleRocketSkates Box Angle
As soon as you open the box you get the feeling that the product is well protected. Upon removing the protecting foam we get the first glimpse of the RocketSkates.
First glimpse of the RocketSkatesFirst glimpse of the RocketSkates
The manufacturer has included a tool set so you can adjust the feet straps to your best comfort.
rocketskate with toolsetRoketSkate with the tool set
With a Li-Ion battery you get great charging time with the RocketSkates; an hour and a half of charge time. The manufacturer has also included two chargers so both skates can be charged at once.
rocketskate-8RocketSkates with chargers
Weighing around 7 pounds each, the RocketSkates can seem heavy but, you can transport them easily by the foot strap or the transport handle on top. You can also use the transport handle and attach the skates to your backpack.
rocketskate-10The RocketSkate transport handle
The weight of the motorized skates will not be a problem once they are in use. With the RocketSkates it is possible to cruise up to 12 mph. The straps are really comfortable and easy to put on.
rocketskate-12Strap view of the RocketSkates
Any shoes can fit, as per safety precautions, watch those shoe laces.
rocketskate-7Shoe strapped in the RocketSkate
It is possible to pair your RocketSkates with a smartphone. Simply download the App and pair it the to skates. Click here to download the iOs app, or here to download the Android app. The app shows power consumption, distance traveled, current speed and a small weather forecast.
RocketSkate appRocketSkate App
The RocketSkates can seem hard to get control over for first time users, it may even take up to a few hours of practice before being able to cruise the streets with confidence. But once you get used to the skates, you can make a nice stroll along the side of a beach or get to work faster than walking. We will let your imagination do the rest for the use of this personal transportation device. Here is a video of the RocketSkates for your viewing pleasure:
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