RobotShop Unveils the 6th Major Updated Design for Its eCommerce Web Platform

As the world’s leading source of robotics technology, RobotShop exceeds expectations when it comes to enhancing customer experience. As part of a journey to making robotics goods more accessible, RobotShop launches a refreshed design, the 6th major upgrade to its eCommerce web platform. The updated website is now more functional than ever, with optimized performance and, of course, a new look. 

Green Takes Over!

Have you noticed something different? Hard to ignore if you were used to the classic orange, grey and white combination of our previous website. This modernized style, from the header to the product pages, is surely a delight for the eyes, refined and centralized for you to easily find what you are looking for.

This new website design will ensure an improved navigation experience for customers as well as provide easier access to robotics goods.


As part of the redesign, RobotShop has integrated lifestyle imagery to its home page and categories. Apart from visually representing the catalog and being more interactive, this puts a predominant importance to the interaction and growing relation between men, technology and machines.

Lifestyle imagery for RobotShop's categories.


Optimizing the way content, categories and the most interacting products are displayed is just a portion of all the upgrades you can see. The back end also ensures a smoother browsing experience.

RobotShop's new category menu


RobotShop first started in 2003, and it has come a long way since then.

RobotShop's website designs since the beginning.


The 6th gen of the eCommerce platform is probably the biggest and most important upgrade yet and this change also follows the latest upgrade to the RobotShop Community website.

Features and Optimization

As technology evolves constantly, RobotShop’s new website will now display better, following the new standards of high-resolution screens. 

Mobile navigation on the website


In this version, you will find improved functionalities related to the Wishlist as well as responsive Comparison tables. You should expect a more user-friendly navigation, on mobile and on PC. This updated design also simplifies your access to your store based on language, currency, and country.

  You can easily access filters.    Compare Robotic Vacuum Cleaners - Responsive Comparison Table  Language and Store Quick Access on

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With a modernized and optimized shopping experience, you will surely find it easier and more satisfying to browse and find all the products you need and wish for. As a leader in its domain, RobotShop makes great efforts in becoming the best online store for robot parts, personal & professional robotics and STEM education. As we expect to live in a future where robotics is more present in our lives, you can count on RobotShop, a brand you can trust that focuses on putting robotics at your service.

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What do you think of this new updated design? Please tell us about your experience or share your impressions in the comments below. Visit to share some feedback using the orange icon on the bottom right corner!

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