RobotShop to Carry the New "Neato Botvac Connected" Robot Vacuum

We are proud to announce that the new "Neato Botvac Connected " robot vacuum is now available at RobotShop. You can purchase your new robot here.
Neato Botvac ConnectedNeato Botvac Connected
  The "Neato Botvac Connected" is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is setting new standards in the industry. Although it took many people by surprise, especially since the Botvac D series just came out, it was without a doubt that a Wi-Fi enabled robot would hit the shelves soon. Neato revealed this interesting robotic vacuum cleaner earlier this week and we are eager to try it. The robot will be connected to your home's Wi-Fi network for you to use with the mobile app. The app will allow you to set schedules, start a cleaning cycle or spot clean. The app it will also allow you to monitor the cleaning cycle. The mobile app can additionally be used for remote control; it's great to send the robot to a specific area or room to do a spot clean and it could also be used to send a small object to someone in the house if you're too lazy to get off the couch. Here's a first look at the app:
Neato app on phoneNeato App on iPhone
Neato has updated the battery in the new Botvac Connected; they have replaced the older NiMH battery with a new lithium ion battery. This new battery will permit the robot to have a longer cleaning time and improved battery life, compared to the NiMh battery.
Neato Botvac Connected Battery LI-IonNeato Botvac Connected  Li-Ion Battery
The new "Ultra performance filter" will have a new protective mesh layer which Neato said that this will keep dust and debris out of the filter grooves making it longer lasting and easier to keep clean.
Neato Ultra Performance FilterNeato Ultra Performance Filter
The Neato Botvac Connected will also include a combo brush and the new "Spiral blade brush" that was recently added to their new Botvac D series. Both brushes are better than ever and more quiet, especially on hard floors. The combo brush is half blade (great for dust) and half bristle (great for pet hair and small debris).
Neato Botvac Connected Combo BrushNeato Botvac Connected Combo Brush
Neato Botvac Connected Spiral Blade BrushNeato Botvac Connected Spiral Blade Brush
Neato always had the options of either a normal cycling clean or spot clean, but now they have added two different modes: Turbo Mode and Eco Mode. Eco Mode will require more time to clean the house but will perform quieter cleaning cycles whereas the Turbo Mode will use more powerful suction to perform the task faster.
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