RobotShop Takes Over Lynxmotion's Legacy

RobotShop is very proud to announce today the acquisition of Lynxmotion, a leading manufacturer of educational robotic kits. As described in a press release published today, RobotShop will be taking over all of Lynxmotion's operations and effectively continuing Lynxmotion's mission of allowing roboticists (whether professionals or hobbyists) to create the robots of their dreams.
RobotShop customers are certainly familiar with Lynxmotion kits since they were one of the first suppliers RobotShop partnered with. Their products range from servo motor brackets to full hexapods. These kits are very popular among schools and hobbyists thanks to their exceptional quality, ruggedness, uniqueness and versatility.
Lynxmotion ProductsSampling of Lynxmotion Kits and Prototypes
Lynxmotion's founder, Jim Frye, has been designing and producing robots since 1995. His ingenuity and creativity produced some of the most popular robotic kits for almost two decades. The picture below illustrates three iterations of the popular Lynxmotion's arm from 1996 to the present day.
Evolution of the Lynxmotion ArmEvolution of the Lynxmotion Arm
Lynxmotion products are used in schools for STEM education such as in the Project Lead The Way, in universities for research, and of course by companies and hobbyists. For example, their robot arms are used to help disabled people feed themselves, as shown in the video below:
Aside from their amazing product line, one of Lynxmotion's strengths is their user community, composed of very motivated (and often highly skilled) roboticists who bring the kits to life. These hobbyists and professionals push the kits to their limits, often contributing to the product line and the development of new products. Their creativity and passion for DIY robots is easily seen on the Lynxmotion Forum. We encourage everyone interested in robots to visit the Lynxmotion forum to see their amazing creations .
Lynxmotion ForumsLynxmotion Forums
RobotShop is humbled to be able to continue Jim Fry's legacy and join this thriving community. By taking over the operations, RobotShop will be able to offer Lynxmotion customers the advantages of our global logistics and infrastructure which translates into the following immediate benefits:
  • We accept credit cards as a payment method for international customers (in addition to wire transfers)
  • We have reduced UPS shipping fees on Lynxmotion website by 30%
  • We are open Monday to Friday and will ship most orders the same day if the products are in stock.
For those faithful Lynxmotion customers, you will be glad to know that we will keep their standards of producing high-quality products and kits. Our goal and our challenge is to continue the Lynxmotion adventure and we hope the roboticist community will join us. Last, we have plans for the future that we cannot reveal at the moment, but they surely involve some awesome new robotic parts, kits and some potential rewards... Stay tuned!
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