RobotShop - New Shipping Fees And Website Functionalities

Posted on 05/05/2015 by robotshopmascot in RobotShop
RobotShop once again announces new functionalities in order to help customers with their robot purchases. We are always evolving and adding new features based on customer comments and the latest technologies used in the industry. This time RobotShop adds Notify Me options as well as an easy to use shipping estimator.

Notify Me

You must have noticed that the Notify Me option, in order to get notified when a product becomes in stock, was available inside a product description. Now this feature is available in product category views. This means that you can therefore ask for notification without having to click on the product to obtain more information. You may navigate in different categories and research different products you like and easily ask for a notification.  
Notify Me OptionNotify Me Option
Once you click on the Notify me link, you will be prompted to enter your email address. Once the product arrives in our warehouse, an email will be sent to notify you that the desired product is now in stock.
Enter EmailEnter Email

Shipping Estimator

As for the shipping estimator, it is available on the top right of the our website under your cart, as soon as a product is added to your cart. You therefore no longer need to go inside your cart in order to estimate shipping fees based on your location. Before you add products to your cart, you will get the indication of how much you must purchase in order to obtain free shipping:
Free Shipping Over $75Free Shipping Over $75
Then, as soon as a product is added, you will get an indication of how much you must add to your cart in order to obtain free shipping. You will also get the option of estimating your shipping fees very quickly and easily.
Indicator Of How Much Needed For Free ShippingIndicator Of How Much To Add For Free Shipping
Just click on get estimate and you will be able to add your Country, State/Province and Zip/Postal Code:
Shipping EstimatorShipping Estimator
As soon as the free shipping trigger is obtained, you will be informed that you qualify for free shipping.
You Qualify For Free ShippingYou Qualify For Free Shipping

Free shipping for all orders over 200€ for France and 200£ for the UK

RobotShop recently also announced new shipping fees for North-America (Free shipping for orders over $75) and is continuing changes in shipping charges for customers in France and the UK. With newly dedicated websites for France and the UK, it is in the interest of customers using these new websites to know that free shipping has been added for all orders over 200€ for France and 200£ for the UK.
Free Shipping In FranceFree Shipping In France
Free Shipping In The UKFree Shipping In The UK
Enjoy your new shopping experience.
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