Robots Create The Jobs of the Future, More Than a Million of Them

Posted on 29/02/2012 by robotshopmascot in Industrial, Industry
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Robots Create JobsRobots Create Jobs
The market research firm Metra Martech conducted a study named "Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on Employment" that shows robotics will be a major driver for global job creation over the next five years.
A growth in robot use over the next five years will result in the creation of one million high quality jobs around the world.  Robots will help to create jobs in some of the most critical industries of this century: consumer electronics, food, solar & wind power, and advanced battery manufacturing to name just a few. - The International Federation for Robotics
This might seem counter intuitive at first since robots and automation in general is usually regarded as an agent of employment reduction. As the study explains, the usage of automation and robotics helps manufacturing outlets remain competitive and operating, saving not only manufacturing jobs, but also saving jobs in the surrounding communities. Via  
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