Robotic Products for Pet Lovers

If you don't think that pets and robotics go together, think again! Most products on the market are made for dogs or cats and allow owners to care for their pets even when they cannot be at home. This keeps both owner and pet happy and healthy! RobotShop is happy to offer the following products to doting pet owners.

Robotic Litter Boxes

A robotic litter box improves your life by eliminating the need to scoop messy litter. It keeps your kitty happy, too. Cats can be notoriously picky about their bathroom habits, so a robotic product helps them enjoy a litter box that's always clean. The LavvieBot S is a sleek example of this self-cleaning technology.

It refills litter automatically and uses a gel deodorizer to keep your indoor air fresh, making it the most sophisticated box on the market. The LavvieBot S is one of several robotic litter boxes we offer, so you can find the one that fits your space and needs.

Feeders and Fountains

Once you discover the convenience of automatic pet feeders and fountains, you'll never go back! Stationery water dishes aren't very appealing to our four-legged friends, and they don't encourage pets to drink up. Cats are especially known for not drinking enough water. But a fountain keeps the water fresh and flowing to help ensure your pets stay hydrated.

Pet feeders offer similar convenience. Your furry friends will always eat on time, no matter where you are, thanks to these ingenious devices that release measured portions of food. Cat Mate brand makes feeders, including those that are compatible with both wet and dry foods.

Automatic Pet Doors

Pet lovers have long installed pet doors to let dogs—and the occasional cat—roam free. But the traditional designs aren't secure or insulated. Modern pet doors are a vast improvement! Ani Mate makes weatherproof, automated pet doors with two-way or four-way locks.

Some Ani Mate automated pet doors only unlock when your pet approaches wearing the ID disc or collar magnet. The door locks immediately afterward, ensuring no pesky wild animals gain entrance to your home while your pets happily romp or use the bathroom outside. Some of these pet doors are even smart enough to tell you whether your pet is indoors or out.

Pet Tracking

Trackers minimize the chances that Fido or Whiskers will become lost. While designed to locate drones and RC models, trackers such as the Marco Polo RC Model Recovery System include tags you can attach to your pet's collar. This system makes it easier than ever to find a pet that has escaped the enclosure or slipped its collar. It also helps to prevent your pet from becoming lost or injured. Although you may never need to use the tracker, you will appreciate knowing you have a Plan B.

Automatic Solutions for Pet Owners

As you can see, pet robotics aren't just for technology enthusiasts. Nor are they designed to have a superfluous form without function. Instead, robotics can provide pet owners with peace of mind while keeping pets happy and healthy. Most pet owners have experienced behavior issues because of unhappy or bored pets, and these devices can help.

RobotShop has more products to consider, including robotic toys that can keep your pets busy and help them burn off energy. Future automated products will be even smarter and more capable, perhaps blowing the current options out of the water. So stay tuned; exciting changes are afoot!

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