Robot which folds laundry (PR2)

Posted on 31/03/2010 by vabry in Prototypes
We've already introduced you to PR2 in the past, the open-source robotic platform by Willow Garage. Recently we saw that the PR2 was able to autocalibrate on its own. Well, now it can also fold the laundry! The PR2 faced the test of folding 50 towels and succeeded with 100%. For now it only folds rectangular towels but that's already impressive. They come in different colors and sizes. Just leave a pile of laundry on the table. The robot starts by first examining the pieces of fabric, then begins its routine. It's the ROS (Robot Operating System) open-source software that does the bulk of the work here. It's simply fabulous! We have the feeling that some of you wouldn't mind having one at home :-) via bj and berkeley
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