Robot Portraits by Ben Rollman

Posted on 03/05/2009 by wcox in Industry
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Robot Portraits by Ben Rollman
Robot Portraits by Ben Rollman

Robots are cool. Pictures of robots are cool too. But, custom artwork of people as robots ... now that's very cool. If you agree, then Ben Rollman can help you out by creating a custom piece of fine art depecting you (or your favorite photo) as a robot. Case in point, the photo above depecting my sheer joy at marrying the best woman in the world. For a mere $15 Ben will take any photo you send him and robotify it, and send you the finished 5"x7" copy and a sweet timelapse video of him drawing it. You can see the video of him drawing my picture after the jump. If 5"x7" isn't your style, Ben will do a 8" x 10" for only $30 USD. He's very courteous to work with, finishes the portrait quickly, and ships in a nice protective envelope. For $15/$30 I think it's a steal.

You can also check out Ben's Flickr gallery of some of his other robot drawings. I've been so impressed, we'll be posting some of his new artwork here on the site each week.

My Robot Portrait by Ben Rollman
My 8' x 10" Robot Portrait by Ben Rollman

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