Robo-Pup Showdown: Petoi Bittle and XGO Mini!

Posted on 31/07/2023 by BRoboto in Toys, Reviews

In the exciting world of robotics, two adorable and intelligent quadruped robot dogs have captured the hearts of tech enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. Meet the Petoi Bittle V2 Dog and the XGO Mini Quadruped Robot - two cutting-edge creations that combine advanced technology and playfulness. In this blog, we will explore the features and capabilities of these two robotic companions, highlighting their differences and unique qualities. 

Construction and Design

The first notable difference between the Petoi Bittle V2 Dog and the XGO Mini Quadruped Robot is their physical composition. The Petoi Bittle is crafted with durable plastic, while the XGO Mini boasts a sturdy aluminum frame. This difference in materials gives XGO Mini an edge in terms of robustness and resilience, while the Petoi Bittle is lighter and easy to carry.

Furthermore, the XGO Mini is the larger of the two, with dimensions of 250x150x180mm compared to the Petoi Bittle's 200x110x110mm. Consequently, the XGO Mini also weighs more, tipping the scales at 700g, while the Petoi Bittle is a lighter 290g. 

Power and Battery Life

When it comes to power and endurance, the XGO Mini is equipped with a larger battery rated at 7.4V 2500mAh, capable of providing up to 1.5 hours of continuous operation. On the other hand, the Petoi Bittle comes with a 7.4V 1000mAh battery, which offers slightly less playtime.

The Petoi Bittle relies on a USB cable for charging, which is very practical to recharge. In contrast, the XGO Mini comes with a dedicated charger, ensuring efficient recharging.  

Servos and Artificial Intelligence

The number of servos is another point of distinction between these robotic canines. The XGO Mini sports 12 servos, which allow for smoother and more precise movements. In comparison, the Petoi Bittle comes equipped with 9 servos, which still deliver impressive motion capabilities.

When it comes to processing power and artificial intelligence (AI), the XGO Mini is powered by STM32 and Kanzhi K210 AI chip. The XGO Mini's control module enables advanced AI applications, including basic computer vision recognition and inference functions for machine learning models. For the Petoi Bittle, it utilizes the ATMega328P, capable of control module and motion with an AI app and research platform as well.

Multimedia and Connectivity

The Petoi Bittle offers an optional camera, WiFi connection, open-source programs, assembling animation and can be control simultaneously with other Petoi products. The XGO Mini includes SD card support, allowing users to expand its memory with up to 16GB of storage. The robot also comes with a 240x240 pixels full-color LCD screen, a 0.3 Mega pixels OV2640 camera, digital microphone, and programmable keys. 

Software and Programming

Both robots provide users with options for software and programming. The Petoi Bittle supports Arduino IDE and CodeCraft, a scratch-based programming platform. It support as well all iOS/Android, Mac/Windows/Linux and other operating systems for a more general access. Meanwhile, the XGO Mini utilizes XGOEdu, a visual building block programming platform, which offers a beginner-friendly approach to programming. The XGO Mini has also its integration of Python.


In the quest for the perfect robotic companion, both the Petoi Bittle V2 Dog and the XGO Mini Quadruped Robot showcase remarkable features and capabilities. The Petoi Bittle impresses with its charming design and commendable programming options. The XGO Mini stands out with its sturdy aluminum frame, battery life and features.

As you weigh your options, consider the size, power and advanced AI functionalities offered by both products. No matter which robotic pup you choose, both are sure to bring joy and endless possibilities for learning and exploration.

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