Play with SLAM navigation at low cost, the first virtual machine-controlled MicroROS smart car!

MicroROS Robot is different from traditional ROS cars. It creatively separates the computing platform and chassis in traditional cars, and migrates complex computing tasks to a PC virtual machine environment for running.Key sensor data such as chassis-related mileage data and radar information are wirelessly transmitted to the virtual machine system through MicroROS by the ESP32 coprocessor. MicroROS Robot can not only be used to learn the ROS2 robot operating system, but we also provide comprehensive low-level hardware driver tutorials to help developers fully master ROS2 robot development.


What is MicroROS?

MicroROS is a lightweight version of ROS2 officially designed for microcontroller environments. It supports the efficient implementation of ROS2 applications on resource-constrained hardware platforms and is a cost-effective solution for learning ROS2. Simply put, you can implement ROS2 applications through MicroROS in microcontroller environments such as ESP32 and Arduino, without the need for expensive Linux edge computing devices such as Jetson and Raspberry Pi master controllers.

MicroROS is a lightweight ROS system optimized based on ROS2. It provides most of the attractive tools and functions of the fully deployed ROS2 ecosystem, and has the excellent capabilities of low-resource devices and can run on MCU hardware platforms.

MicroROS Robot Car Product Highlights

Using a PC virtual machine as the main control

MicroROS Robot is a ROS2 smart car that uses a PC virtual machine as the main control. The performance of the PC is greatly improved compared to motherboards such as Raspberry Pi and Jetson, and it supports flexible adjustment and expansion of the virtual machine. System resources, easy to back up and restore the system, with excellent cost performance. No need for expensive Raspberry Pi or Jetson development board, use ROS2 to program robots at low cost.

Features of virtual machine master

  • Hardware performance: Sharing PC hardware, performance is qualitatively improved
  • System backup and restore: Easily back up and restore virtual machine systems
  • Flexibility and scalability: System resources such as performance, memory and storage can be adjusted and scaled based on hardware requirements
  • Communication method: After connecting to the WiFi-UDP proxy of the virtual machine/computer, wireless communication is truly achieved.

Accessories with excellent performance

MS200 adopts TOF ranging method, is fully compatible with ROS2, supports indoor and outdoor mapping navigation, fully supports 360° scanning detection, and easily realizes 3D mapping;

The MicroROS control board integrates the ESP32S3 core module onboard Control, motor drive, servo drive, six-axis IMU attitude sensor and other important peripherals, support WiFi, Bluetooth, serial port and other communication functions, support power supply for Raspberry Pi 5PD, users can directly access the ROS2 environment for use, easy to operate and use Simple and efficient; built-in 310 motor, the metal material is wear-resistant and durable to extend its service life, and provides precise and stable motion control.

Functional Project

The microros robot transfers chassis data to the PC virtual machine through microROS to realize lidar mapping and navigation, path planning, navigation and obstacle avoidance, tracking, radar guarding and patrolling, and multi-machine navigation. It supports Rviz simulation and provides intuitive images. Feedback helps users understand the status and operation process of radar, map construction and path planning. This is an excellent helper for learning ROS robot programming knowledge.

Practical training and theoretical courses provided by Yahboom

Include comprehensive low-level hardware driver tutorials, robot control and gameplay, as well as Linux operating system, Docker development environment, ROS2, microROS control board development environment construction, etc. Rich tutorials help users learn quickly.

For more details about this product:

MicroROS-Pi5 Robot Car-The first Raspberry Pi 5 robot car , proficient in AI vision and SLAM gameplay!

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