New Design for Comparison Tables

RobotShop has launched a new design for comparison tables to improve the user experience. This new design facilitates comparison between products. To name a few features: - On a single screen you can compare more products than before. The number of items you see is adjustable depending on the size of your screen.
New RobotShop Robot Vacuum Comparison TableNew RobotShop robot vacuum comparison table
- The comparison table is now available as a 3rd viewing option in category pages.
New RobotShop Robot Vacuum Compare ViewNew RobotShop robot vacuum compare view
- More features and filters to compare products: You can filter by brand, price and sale status and can sort by popularity, price, title and product code allowing you to refine your search.
RobotShop Robot Comparison Table FilteringRobotShop robot comparison table filtering
- The selection of products is easier: Just click on the top right corner of the product to add or remove the product from the list. You can compare 2 products only or 20, it’s up to you. You have full control on what you want to compare. Compare 5 products
Filtering RobotShop Robot Vacuums to show 5 productsFiltering RobotShop robot vacuums to show 5 products
Compare 18 products
Filtering RobotShop Robot Vacuums to show 18 productsFiltering RobotShop robot vacuums to show 18 products
  - During navigation, the image of the product, product code and price remain visible. That means you can check the last feature on the list and easily associate it with the product image. No more need to scroll up and down, RobotShop now makes it easier for you.
Scroll feature of the new comparison tableScroll feature of the new comparison table
- At the bottom there are 4 tabs which connect you to our useful resources about the products. On a single page you can compare your products, read the frequently asked questions, find blog articles and forum posts related to the products.
Useful resources for the categoryUseful resources for the category
Try the new comparison table for robot vacuums, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.
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