New Arrivals at RobotShop - October 2023!

Robotics enthusiasts, gear up! RobotShop has just updated its latest collection! Whether you're a professional looking for advanced robotics solutions or a hobbyist eager to explore the newest components, the New Arrivals section at RobotShop is where you need to go.

Discover the Latest in Robotics

RobotShop has always been at the forefront of bringing robotic solutions easily to its customers. With the New Arrivals section, it's a quick access to every new products in robotics. 

What’s in for October?

If you're assembling a robot from the beginning or aiming to improve an existing one, the New Arrivals section has something for everyone. Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect:

  • Carbide 3D: Get your Carbide 3D Shapeoko printer! Models 4 and 5 Pro are available with all the parts you need! Everything from the Shapeoko Pro has been taken and applied to the new Shapeoko 4. Shapeoko 5 Pro is bigger than ever, so you can take on larger jobs or nest more parts together and run the machine longer. 
  • Phidgets: Phidgets 4A Stepper is finally in! This device offers control over the motor's position, velocity, and acceleration, in addition to current control with distinct settings for current limit and holding current.
  • Wonder Workshop: The Teacher Success Pack has arrived! The pack grants access to one teacher and 35 students for 12 months, and includes many features, like Class Connect, progress tracking, access to virtual dash, and more!
  • UFactory: Be equipped with the xArm 6 Robot Manipulator! This arm can be your collaborative robot for your projects, it features a reach of 700 mm.

Get the Most Recent Products Today

Don't miss out on the future of robotics. Dive into RobotShop's New Arrivals section and discover the latest robotics solutions that are set to revolutionize the industry.

Visit RobotShop's New Arrivals Now!

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