New Apps on the MyRobots App Store

Posted on 21/11/2012 by carlos-31 in Cloud Robotics
New Apps on the MyRobots App StoreNew Apps on the MyRobots App Store
Lynxmotion, the popular robotic kit manufacturer, just made all of their  robotic applications available via the MyRobots App Store. Their applications are mainly used for controlling servo motors using their popular SSC-32 servo motor controller, and for making their robotic arms and hexapods come to life. You can take a look at their app offering by visiting their profile page. Also, DSP Robotics listed their robot arm control app which helps easily create a sequence of motions. Although these applications were already available for download via the Lynxmotion or DSP Robotics website, we believe that by presenting them in the Robot App Store, they will be able to reach a larger audience and allow many robot owners to take better control of their machines. We encourage you to try some of these new apps and to leave comments below with your feedback.
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