Miele RX1 Scout Robot Vacuum Unboxing

Posted on 16/09/2015 by bhubert in Domestic, Vacuum
Miele is a German company that has been in the production of high end household appliances for over 100 years. They established themselves in North America about 25 years ago and have been producing vacuum cleaners since 1927. Since then they have manufactured appliances with high power, functionality and ergonomics. They now have released their first robot vacuum, the Scout RX1, with a unique and new navigation system. Why did they wait so long before releasing their first of probably many robot vacuum cleaners? Eduard Sailer, board member responsible for technical affairs said the first models to appear on the market reflected the state of the art technology at that time and were anything but satisfactory for what general population expected of their products. They have the philosophy Immer Besser - Better and Better or Forever Better. Today they can offer what people expect of high end technology and be confident to establish themselves in the market. Here we will unbox a Scout RX1 and show you what to expect from Miele.
Miele Scout RX1 Boxed Miele Scout RX1 Boxed
The Miele's navigation system combines a gyro sensor which measures rotation and changes in direction with an integrated digital integrated camera which scans the ceiling several times per minute. This gives the robot the ability to clean methodically, going in straight lines track per track.
Miele Scout RX1 Top ViewMiele Scout RX1 Top View
The RX1 has a great cleaning system, no worries for this round robot to reach the corners because it has a side brush on both sides spinning towards the inside of the robot to send dust and debris to the main brush.
Miele RX1 Scout Under View with Side Brushes Miele RX1 Scout Under View with Side Brushes
In addition to the conventional bumper sensors, the Scout has 7 added IR sensors that serve for anti-collision to help limit touches to your furniture. Over the bumper there is a non-marring rubber ensuring no damage or scuffs.
Miele RX1 Scout  front view with IR sensorsMiele RX1 Scout front view with IR sensors
The Scout offers various cleaning modes, the auto mode which cleans all rooms and returns to base, the corner mode repeats the auto mode then cleans all the corners of the house and returns to base. The spot mode cleans a 6 square foot area. Turbo mode will clean 50% faster than the auto mode by making bigger gaps between cleaning tracks then it will return to base. It is possible to install magnetic strips to prevent the robot from going to unwanted areas. The remote control included, will allow you to start all different modes from distance and to conveniently direct the Scout.
Miele RX1 Scout top view with accessories Miele RX1 Scout top view with accessories
The Miele RX1 Scout will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will offer up to two hours of continuous cleaning without going back to it's charging base, the battery will also have a longer life than NiMH batteries.
Miele RX1 Scout top view with  Charging BaseMiele RX1 Scout top view with Charging Base
For a first robot they're really setting the bar pretty high, making sure they're ready for competition and offering what new robot vacuum cleaners are offering right now or soon to come on the market. https://youtu.be/JeFGGiUX0b8
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