Learning robotics: how Ned2 tames general misconceptions about robots

1) Cobots: robots designed to help humans, not to replace them


Did you know that when working together, cobots and humans show productivity numbers that would remain unmatched if they were working on their own? Cobot programmers and manufacturers are not to be seen as the craftsmen of a future without production workers, but as the enablers of a world where both work easily, gripper in hand. 

While Ned2 is to be seen as an educational machine first and foremost, it doesn’t stop it from being useful (and entertaining) in various real-life applications.

See the use cases below:



2) Cobotics made accessible to non-technical audiences


No need to be the best in your engineering class to be able to program fun projects. In fact, you don’t need to be studying there at all! Educational cobots like Ned2 allow users to choose their level of complexity, and thus adapt to their learning curve. Easy to understand, easy to deploy. No-code (and code, for those choosing to) at their finest!

See by yourself in less than a minute what could our software Niryo Studio do to round the edges of your training:



3) Learning robotics to evolve outside of the robotic world?


“Invest in yourself”, as the saying goes. When choosing to learn robotics with Niryo, you’re not necessarily preparing yourself to become the next Leonardo da Vinci (often credited as the inventor of the first robot). Learning robotics can improve your mathematical reasoning, boost your coding abilities, and can even give you a taste of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


These hard skills could open many doors for your career, some even not discovered yet. How exciting is this?

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