LavvieBot S Reviews: Customer's Experience So Far

As you may know already, the LavvieBot S is considered to be the most sophisticated automatic litter box on the market. Even though there are several robotic litter boxes on the market, the LavvieBot S has several features that elevate the user's experience. Still wondering if you should purchase the LavvieBot S? Well, here is a rundown of customers experience, reviews and answers to help you in your decision.

LavvieBot S Customer Reviews

This automatic litter box has been on the market for more than a year now, and yet, thousands of customers have had the change to experience the pet care routine with the LavvieBot S

Based on the comments, there are several common aspects that have been reported by customers. Here is what they say about the LavvieBot S so far. 


Convenient auto-refill function (unique to the LavvieBot)

Wonderful design

Easy to clean

Great odor control


Initial cost is higher

Takes some time to set up

PurrSong App could use more polish


Since the beginning, more and more LavvieBot S users have manifested their impression of the product.

By RP 3/10/2021: LOVE

I’ve had the Lavviebot for about 2 months now. It is a true game-changer. I had [another brand] before but it kept malfunctioning to the point it was no longer worth my while. The Lavviebot is so amazing. It took about 10 days for all three of my cats to fully adapt, but now we are all hooked. It’s an expensive purchase, but it is so worth it.

By June 2/7/2021: Best automatic litter box on the market

This is the best automatic litter box on the market today. I've tried most of the well-known models, and while they were "okay," they always had some fatal flaw that eventually made them not worth the headache. The lavviebot is not 100% perfect and the app could use more polish, but any issues I've encountered so far are mostly minor. The important things are that the rake is strong, it handles my corn/cassava litter (among others), it refills itself, the materials are hygienic non-stick, and 3 months later it still does its job without intervention. The modular interior also makes it easier to disassemble/clean than others I've tried. It's expensive yes, but for someone who's tried them all, a pricier machine that saves me time is worth more than throwing away $200 on one that doesn't. Do your own research, check out the user manual, email lavviebot customer service any remaining questions (they were responsive and detailed), and pick what works for you, your cat, and your budget.

If you are curious to read more reviews about the LavvieBot S, you can visit the product pages: 

North American LavvieBot S Page      European LavvieBot S Page

How Does the LavvieBot S Compare to Other Automatic Litter Boxes? 

When choosing a robotic litter box, you cannot just look at the price, you also need to determine if the features match your needs and if the robot is a good fit for your cats in your household.

Robustness & Design

Like most self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, the LavvieBot S auto-cleans, meaning it scoops the waste automatically after your cat's visit so you don't need to clean the litter box yourself. The technology that the LavvieBot S uses is slightly different. It features a robust rake system which effectively gets rid of your cat’s waste in a drawer. Most parts of the robotic litter box, including the rake, are also modular, which makes it more convenient to clean. 

LavvieBot S helps save time: it will scoop for you, refill litter and stock waste in a drawer.


The LavvieBot S can accommodate almost all cat types, except for naturally large breeds. The overall recommended cat size for using the LavvieBot S is between 2.3lb –16lb (1kg – 7.5kg). Apart from that, even though consumers reported using the LavvieBot S for multiple cats, the manufacturer recommends one robot per maximum two cats.


Unique Features

The most outstanding feature that the LavvieBot S has is the refill function. From its storage bin, the LavvieBot S adds a fresh litter bed, which makes a big difference for odor control. Several customers reported that it controls odors way better than other popular brands on the market. Apart from that, it has a connected app that allows you to track the usage, litter levels, and with that, your cat's health. This isn't something that is commonly found in all the competitors' models.


As customers mentioned, even though the initial cost is higher than other brands, the positive experience of usage is making this purchase worth every penny. You don't need to be tech savvy to use a LavvieBot S. You can avoid many headaches by trusting a high quality self-cleaning litter box, and spend less time doing maintenance or scooping. If you are curious to compare the characteristics of the LavvieBot S with other brands, feel free to visit the RobotShop's Comparaison table of Robotic Litter Boxes.

To Ensure the Best Fit

Height & Size

There are several comments about the entry of the LavvieBot being too high, however, cats are quite agile, they can easily access the inside of the robot; the entrance is lower than a couch height. Some owners have installed a step or box in front of the drawer to make the entrance more accessible for older cats. The manufacturer recommends placing a cat stair or a cushion in front if you have any concerns.

However, most LavvieBot S users are using it as is, out of the box, without placing anything in front since the height of the entrance is similar to that of a two-story wooden litter box. 

The LavvieBot size tends to surprise consumers when it arrives in its big box. Once unpacked, you can expect its height to arrive in the middle of your thigh when standing next to it. Its square design is ideal to fit in a tight space of 50cm width, as long as you leave yourself space to access the top storage and the side door for maintenance. 

Litter Types & Setup

PurrSong recommends using natural litters (made of tofu, corn, or other botanical ingredients) and bentonite clumping litters (grey color with stone texture litter or clumping clay litter) for the LavvieBot S. Since the product's launch, a lot of litter brands have been tested with the unit. The manufacturer has been collecting customers' feedback regarding the best litter types to use, from a country to another.

It is important to use the right type of litter as most reported issues from customers were related to the fact that they were not using a good brand of litter.

Here are some of the most popular litter brands that are effective with the LavvieBot:


  • Natural Litter: Croci Tofu Clean,
  • Bentonite clumping litters: Odour Buster Multi-Cat & Intersand Classic Unscented Cat Litter, etc.


  • Natural Litter: Garfield Litter, Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat Litter
  • Bentonite clumping litters: BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Cat Litter & Purina Tidy Cats clumping clay 24/7

For more information, you can currently read the Quick Start Guide to find the litter brand that works best for you: Quick Start Guide for North American Customers and Quick Start Guide for European Customers.

When you receive your robot, it is recommended to follow the User Manual and the Set up video guides created by the manufacturer. Also, to ensure the best functionality, always install the robot on a flat surface, in a dry place.

What's Next?

The fabricant is always listening to feedback, making sure it improves the product. For example, the packaging has been updated since the initial distribution of the product, and the gel-deodorizer will soon be upgraded with a different composition to ensure it's lasting longer. Moreover, the manufacturer is also working on improving the PurrSong App. Even though the LavvieBot S can already distinguish cats, as long as their weight difference is about 1.6lb or more, PurrSong is working on a cat pendant to help LavvieBot identify cats regardless of their weight. 

PurrSong and RobotShop are always working on providing the best service and all the necessary material to help customers. That's why you can now find a Quick Start Guide, a Manual and a Video Guide to help get the best experience with your LavvieBot S. 

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