T-MINI PRO, More Than Just Eye For Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Product FEATURE introduction

With the rapid development of the smart robotics market, particularly the diversification and complexity of service robot applications, there are higher requirements for robots in terms of performance, reliability, cost, and appearance. At the same time, intelligent sensors, as the "eyes" of robots, face new design challenges. To meet the complex demands of various application scenarios, Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. launches a new "high-quality and cost-effective" and "compact" ToF (Time-of-Flight) lidar: T-mini Pro.

a) Strong Anti-Interference Ability to Strong Light: T-mini Pro possesses a strong resistance to ambient light interference of up to 60,000 Lux, meeting the lighting standards of indoor environments, sunlight passing through glass refraction, and cloudy outdoor conditions. It supports a scanning frequency of 6-12Hz and allows for autonomous speed adjustment based on functional requirements. This feature helps intelligent robots adapt to various complex scenarios and lighting conditions during daily operations.

b) Compact Size: T-mini Pro features a small form factor  (38.6*38.6*33.4mm), and lower power consumption. It significantly optimizes the spatial structure of the application product, making it suitable for a wider range of scenarios.

c) Long Service Life: By utilizing brushless motors, T-mini Pro achieves higher operational efficiency, resulting in a lidar lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. This longevity ensures reliable performance and sustained usage in diverse applications.


360° Scanning for Long-Range and Precise Detection:

T-mini Pro boasts a minimal blind spot of only 20mm and achieves a maximum detection range of 12 meters. With its mechanical structure enabling 360° rotation, it operates at a frequency of 4,000 distance measurements per second, capturing distance and angle information in milliseconds. This allows for comprehensive scanning and stable output of point cloud data. Furthermore, within the established range, T-mini Pro offers a distance measurement accuracy of 20mm, ensuring minimal measurement error and excellent distance measurement stability.


Compliance with CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standards, Ensuring Eye Safety:

Intelligent robots have become widely used in people's daily lives and often interact closely with humans and animals. If laser products that do not meet safety standards are used, it can pose a significant risk of accidents. T-mini Pro has obtained FDA CLASS 1 certification, ensuring the safety of humans and pets while efficiently performing its detection functions.

mini Pro is versatile and compatible with various commercial robots through its high-quality performance, excellent cost-effectiveness, and sleek design . It finds applications in a wide range of scenarios, including consumer and commercial settings.


Application Cases

  1. Floor Cleaning Robot

Scenario Requirement: The floor cleaning robot operates indoors and needs to recognize paths, especially in long corridors, for intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Industry Challenge: In large indoor spaces or when encountering long corridors, robots need to plan their routes and promptly avoid obstacles ahead.


Compared to triangulation laser lidar, the ToF principle of the T-mini Pro provides a longer detection range, performing exceptionally well in long-range (up to 12m) detection. This enables the robot to plan its forward path in advance.

With a detection accuracy of 20mm, T-mini Pro can not only identify sudden obstacles but also pass through them at the safest and minimal distance, ensuring thorough cleaning without any blind spots.

Long corridors often have weak light source reflections, which can be challenging for ordinary laser lidar systems. However, T-mini Pro exhibits high sensitivity, enabling it to receive and accurately reproduce the actual corridor environment within the established range.

2. Lawn Mowing Robots

Scenario requirements: Intelligent lawn mowing robots operate in medium to small-sized yards and rely on intelligent sensors for mapping, navigation, and autonomous recognition of boundaries, obstacles, and moving objects on the lawn.

Industry pain points:

Outdoor yards can be spacious and prone to various obstacles, weather conditions, and environmental factors;

Lawn mowing robots have strict requirements for sensor size, making it difficult to adapt to standard intelligent sensors.


T-mini Pro possesses strong resistance to ambient light interference of up to 60,000 Lux, meeting the lighting standards of indoor environments, sunlight passing through glass refraction, and outdoor conditions on cloudy days. Additionally, the T-mini Pro can autonomously adjust its rotation speed to adapt to various complex environments based on actual scene requirements. ;

With a scanning frequency of 6-12Hz, T-mini Pro can autonomously adjust its rotation speed to adapt to different complex scenarios and lighting conditions during daily operations.

 Compared to triangulation-based laser lidar, the T-mini Pro offers a long detection range of up to 12m and shorter mapping time.

T-mini Pro features a compact form factor and lower power consumption, making it agile and suitable for integration into lawn mowing robots.


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