Is the RoboCop Remake a Glimpse Of The Drone Future

Posted on 11/09/2013 by carlos-31 in Entertainment
Tags: OCP, RoboCop
Robocop 2014Robocop 2014
The trailer for the upcoming RoboCop movie has recently been released and it provides a glimpse as to the new movie's plot. True to the original, the remake depicts a wounded police officer who is brought back to life with what seems to be very advanced full-body prosthetics. This enhanced officer is then torn between being a human or a machine.
The trailer also seems to focus on RoboCop being used as a morally blind machine which is used to mindlessly carry out actions which its creators or other powerful parties might have. This is quite a pertinent topic knowing that more and more drones these days are being used in warfare. Are you concerned with the future possibility of having an increasing number of drones capable of causing significant harm in the hands of corporations? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.
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