Introducing ZMP's E-Nuvo WHEEL Robot

Posted on 20/09/2006 by wcox in Industry
Image Reader David Aliaga, who's a member of the ZMP Inc. Education Team, sent us a note telling us about ZMP's latest product, the e-Nuvo WHEEL robot. The robot is based on Nuvo, but this time it's an inverted pendulum.

Just to add up to the news, ZMP has launched what we called the [e-nuvo Series] which comprises not only the e-nuvo WALK which is the robot featured above, but also e-nuvo WHEEL (inverted pendulum robot to be available on november), e-nuvo ARM (arm robot to study kinematics-available next year) and e-nuvo BASIC (set to study basic areas of engineering).

The robot, which looks like a horrible accident between Nuvo's body and a skateboard, allows students to learn robotics control theory as they attempted to get the little guy to balance on his two wheels.

The robot should be shipping (in the US) by November. There is no word on prices yet. That gives you time to get the little robotic amputee up and running by Christmas time.

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