Introducing The Robobuilder Kits - Move Over Bioloid!

Posted on 25/08/2008 by wcox in RobotShop
  The RoboBuilder robotics kits from a Korean company of the same name (or is it IRobou?) is now available for purchase from RobotShop. The kits, which are similar to the Bioloid robotics kits from Robotis, employ modular components, like motors and sensors, to allow builders to quickly create a wide variety of robotic creations. RoboBuilder touts features such as metal ball bearings, PID motor control for precise motion, and reverse/over voltage protection. The kits also come with distance and sound sensors. The basic RoboBuilder kit starts at $349 and goes all the way up to $3,000 for the Expert kit. Have any of our readers played with the kits yet? Let us know how they are by leaving a comment. You can check out a video of the RoboBuilder humanoid model after the break.
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