If a robot can achieve independent evolving thinking like a human being, shall we treat them like a human being instead of a machine?

Psychologists have observed people who respond socially even to computers and televisions. Moreover, people are developing connections with simple robots, such as giving these robots nicknames like pets. Some even take their cleaning robots on vacation.

These stories and the psychological evidence we have clearly show that we can become emotionally attached to very different objects, even knowing that they are pre-programmed. That said, today's trends are such that we spend more time with our laptops and smartphones than we do with our families.

We Google those questions that we are embarrassed to ask a family member, colleague, or friend. There are a growing number of books and movies about empathy, friendship, and even love between humans and artificial intelligence. That said, humans can love in different ways and love different things. It is not set in us what we can and cannot love or how. Therefore, falling in love with a robot is not a fantasy, but a reality, especially if the artificial intelligence can show emotions and behave like a human. We can see in it the same subject as other people, and we fall in love with it just as we do with other people.

Artificial intelligence can bring to a relationship what humans lack. It can be programmed the way we like, endowed with the qualities we want to see in a partner. The robot will be "created for us," - and so it will be easier to form a relationship with it. But another concern in this situation is whether we would value such a relationship if anyone could choose or customize their "perfect partner, colleague or friend." As many believe, it is the fragility of feelings, the fact that people consciously choose, that makes human relationships valuable.

The emergence of relationship robots is a natural progression in society. What is happening now is a rethinking of the concepts of love, relationships, and marriage.

Robots are replacing some internal needs of people, which other people are unable to solve for some reason. And if we want to change the future, in which robots will certainly be present, we have to start with ourselves.


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