Humans Lose Again, Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in Less Than a Second

Posted on 27/09/2013 by carlos-31 in Entertainment
Tags: Rubik's Cube
Fast Rubik's Cube RobotFast Rubik's Cube Robot

Everybody has seen a Rubik's Cube solving robot. They usually do a great job at it but, although they are faster than average humans, a trained human can usually beat them in terms of speed. This new robot solves the cube not only in the most efficient way possible, but is also the fastest at doing so, as shown in the video below.

If you are wondering how to make one for yourself, besides the custom acrylic work and modification of the cube, they are using simple stepper motors, probably a USB stepper motor controller and a webcam. Here is a second video where you can see the robot in more detail: Via Geekology.

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