Humanoids Controlled With the Kinect Roundup

Posted on 19/01/2011 by carlos-31 in Humanoids
Tags: Kinect, ROS
Since the Kinect was released, lots of robotic applications have been developed around it. One of them is the teleoperation of humanoid robots using skeletal tracking. The pioneer in humanoid robot control using the Kinect is Taylor Veltrop, who controlled his Veltrobot (based on the KHR family) using ROS and NITE. The video below illustrates this first attempt at humanoid control. More sophisticated humanoid control, which includes a balance algorithm, allows this V-Sido humanoid to stand on one foot and move its feet and body around without falling. Note in the video below how the robot is decorated to resemble a giant mech. A full teleoperation scheme is achieved by using a Nao. Using skeletal tracking and predefined commands, Nao is controlled in order to perform more complex tasks.  The demonstration below has been put together by H. Bener SUAY from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
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