ROSshow: Visualize ROS topics inside the terminal

Posted on 27/03/2019 by dheera in Research, Blog, Discover, Software and Apps, Hobbyist

Have you ever SSH'ed into a robot to debug whether sensors are outputting what they should? Do you find it cumbersome to launch rviz, port forwards, or fumble for HDMI cables every time you want to just see what the robot's camera or LIDAR is seeing? Do you have piles of unlabeled rosbags that you just want to open up and see what's on the images in them?

ROSshow is an open-source tool that use Braille characters to visualize ROS topics in the terminal. Besides time-series plots of most standard message types, you also get graphic visualizations of LaserScan, Image, CompressedImage, NavSatFix, PointCloud2, and more.

Get it at:


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