How to choose accessories for your Raspberry Pi 5?

Raspberry Pi 5, as the latest masterpiece of the Raspberry Pi series, comes with more powerful performance and richer functions. This microcomputer is more than just a piece of hardware, it is a dream platform for open source makers.

It is equipped with an advanced processor and larger memory, providing users with higher computing performance and a smoother experience.

About CPU:

♦New processor: Pi5 use Broadcom BCM2712

♦New core: The processor core is upgradedfrom the 4-core Cortex-A72 of Pi 4B to the 4-core Cortex-A763 of Pi 5

♦New manufacturing process: Upgraded from 28nm in Pi 4B to 16nm in Pi 5

♦Higher main frequency: Increased from 1.5GHzof Pi 4B to 2.4GHz

About GPU:

♦GPU from Pi 4B 600 MHz Video Core VI(6) boosted to 800 MHz VideoCore VII(7)

♦Support OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan 1.2

About Memory speed:

♦LPDDR4-3200 upgraded to LPDDR4X-4267

About power supply and TF card slot:

♦Type-C power supply upgraded to 5V 5A and support PD

♦Protocol supports high-speed SDR104 mode Micro SD card

Cameras, temperature and humidity sensors, and even machine learning modules can all be used in combination with the Raspberry Pi. In addition, the Raspberry Pi comes with 40Pin GPIO pins, allowing users to connect various sensors, modules and expansion boards.

Through programming, users can create their own smart devices, home entertainment centers, and even more creative projects.

If you want to use your Raspberry Pi to its fullest potential, the right accessories are essential. I think the most important accessories for the Raspberry Pi fall into the following categories.

1: Power adapter   2: MicroSD card   3: Radiator and fan   4: Protective case   

Part 1---How should we choose the power adapter?

Important: It is recommended to use a high-quality power adapter that meets specifications to ensure stable power supply.

Due to the better performance of Raspberry Pi, it will bring greater power consumption. It is not recommended to continue to use the 5V/3A power supply of Raspberry Pi 4B. It is recommended to use a 27W 5.1V/5A power adapter. Especially for users who need to drive high-power peripherals (such as solid state drives, lidar, depth cameras) while retaining peak workloads, it is strongly recommended to choose a dedicated PD power supply for Raspberry Pi 5. , because it can stably provide 5A current output at 5.1V.

When Raspberry Pi 5 recognizes other non-Pi5 dedicated power supplies, the power supply of the four USB interfaces will be limited to 0.6A, which cannot provide sufficient power budget for downstream USB devices, and the Raspberry Pi system will also display a warning. 

Pi system will also display a warning.

Raspberry Pi 5 Power Supply Purchase Link:

Raspberry Pi 5 Official power supply

The Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply is an ideal power supply for Raspberry Pi 5, especially for users who wish to drive high-power peripherals such as hard drives and SSDs from Raspberry Pi 5's four USB ports. Additional built-in power profiles mean the Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply is also an excellent option for powering third-party PD-compatible products. The available profiles are 9V, 3A; 12V, 2.25A; and 15V, 1.8A, all limited to a maximum of 27W.

Yahboom PD power supply

Yahboom 27W USB-C power supply is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. It's an cost-effective choice, particularly for users aiming to drive high-power peripherals through the four USB ports on Raspberry Pi 5. It supports output power up to 27W and comes with a PD power supply protocol. When used together with Raspberry Pi 5, it can provide 5.1V/5A output, which can fully utilize the full performance of Raspberry Pi 5, while also ensuring sufficient current for USB devices.

Part 2---How to choose SD card?

Important: It is recommended to choose high-speed, high-capacity cards to improve performance.

Here are some key factors to help you find the best SD card for your Raspberry Pi among the many options.

A: Capacity selection: An SD card with a minimum capacity of 16GB is recommended to ensure there is enough space to store the Raspberry Pi operating system and other applications. If you plan to work with large files or work on data-intensive projects, consider choosing a 32GB or larger card.

B: Speed grade: The speed grade of the SD card has an important impact on the performance of the Raspberry Pi. It is recommended to choose a Class 10 or UHS-I(Ultra High Speed Class 1) card to ensure that the data transmission speed is fast enough and the system can run smoothly.

C: Image file compatibility: Make sure the SD card supports the Raspberry Pi official image file. Some SD cards may not work with the Raspberry Pi's special file system.

Part 3---Which cooling devices are more suitable for Raspberry Pi 5?

Important: Choose an active radiator or heat sink + fan to ensure normal operation of the device.

Common cooling devices for development boards similar to Raspberry Pi include heat sinks, fans, and active heat sinks.

Among them, heat sinks and fans are relatively cheap, and active radiators are more expensive.

However, because the higher performance of Raspberry Pi 5 brings greater heat, we recommend customers to use active heat sinks. Otherwise, the CPU temperature will rise, causing the Raspberry Pi 5 to turn on frequency reduction.

The following is the CPU temperature data of Raspberry Pi 5 under different conditions we tested. 

Raspberry Pi 5 Cooling Device Purchase Link:

Official Active Radiator

The Raspberry Pi Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5 is a dedicated clip-on cooling solution for Raspberry Pi 5. It combines an aluminium heatsink with a temperature-controlled blower fan to keep your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature, even under heavy loads.

Yahboom Cool Cooler Pi50

The radiator is a small but important partner for the Raspberry Pi, which will provide reliable protection for your ideas and projects. This Cool Cooler Pi50 radiator is specially designed by Yahboom for the Raspberry Pi 5 board. It consists of a 40*40*10mm PWM adjustable speed fan, aluminum alloy base and thermally conductive silicone pad. Cold air is sucked in from the top, and then passes through the aluminum heat dissipation base, taking away the heat and accelerating cooling, ensuring that the Raspberry Pi 5 can still maintain a suitable temperature with high load conditions.

4PCS Heat sink

This set of copper-made heatsinks is designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. Recommended to be used with a cooling fan, which can ensures efficient heat dissipation for the processor and other core components of the Raspberry Pi 5. This setup can maintain performance stability of Raspberry Pi 5 during prolonged high-load operations. With no need for additional installation steps, simply adhering the heatsinks onto the Raspberry Pi 5.

Cooling Fan

This larger-sized PWM fan is a masterpiece in Raspberry Pi 5 cooling solutions. Not only suitable for Raspberry Pi 5 but also provides reliable temperature control for various robots, smart cars, and DIY projects. It supports PWM programming control, allowing you to easily adjust its speed as needed to maintain the device within an ideal temperature range. Moreover, for convenient installation, Yahboom provide screws for free, allowing you to effortlessly secure it in the desired position. 

Part4---How to choose a protective case for Raspberry Pi 5?

Important: Consider cooling, portability, and design.

The upper panel of the Raspberry Pi contains many precision components. If it is bumped or dust accumulates during use, the entire development board will be damaged. So we need to add a protective case to the Raspberry Pi to effectively protect the Raspberry Pi from dust, liquid, touch and other physical damage. This is especially important for long-running projects or projects using the Raspberry Pi in unstable environments.

Acrylic case

This acrylic case specially designed for Raspberry Pi 5. Not only provides comprehensive protection for the device, but also adds more possibilities to its performance and usage experience. Its special design supports the installation of active heat sinks and camera brackets, providing users with more customization options. You can choose to install a PWM cooling fan or an active radiator to effectively manage the temperature of the Raspberry Pi 5. Even with high load conditions, the Raspberry Pi 5 can still run stably.

Metal case

This Raspberry Pi 5 metal case is available in black and white. Its high hardness material extends the service life of the equipment. The hollow design on the top cover and bottom effectively enhances heat dissipation and ensures the continued stable operation of the Raspberry Pi. All holes accurately correspond to the interface on Raspberry Pi 5, protecting the board without affecting data transmission. In addition, shipping list include a large-sized cooling fan, which can be easily fixed directly on the top cover to further improve the cooling effect.

ABS case

This ABS silver case is designed for the Raspberry Pi 5 development board. It consists of a base and an upper cover, and Yahboom provide a large cooling fan for free. The top of the case is designed with openings to help the fan dissipate hot air. The precise hole positioning on the side allows all ports, slots and buttons to be perfectly aligned with the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring the normal operation of the device. No need to worry about the case affecting the functionality.

5-layer acrylic case

This five-layer acrylic case is tailor-made for the Raspberry Pi 5 and can effectively protect all components on the Raspberry Pi board. Its transparent material not only increases the appearance, but also ensures unimpeded transmission of WiFi and Bluetooth signals. The top space is specially reserved for the installation of the official radiator, so that your Raspberry Pi 5 can stay cool when running with high load. On the side of the case, we have also reserved 40PIN, camera, USB, Type-C, micro-HDMI, POE, UART and other interfaces, allowing you to easily access various peripherals and achieve more functional expansion.

Raspberry Pi 5 official case

The Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 5 is a clip-together four-part enclosure with an active cooling fan. It keeps your Raspberry Pi 5 at a comfortable operating temperature even under heavy load.

Raspberry Pi 5 is a powerful microcomputer, but to truly unleash its full potential, selecting the right accessories is crucial. This not only improves performance, but also provides more possibilities for your creative projects.

The above accessories are all sold in Yahboom stores, and customers who need them can purchase them according to their needs.

  Yahboom store: https: //

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