How Robotic Tech for the Home Attracts Millennial Buyers

Smart tech in home construction and design has been on the rise for a few years now. However, it is only recently that we have seen an increase in demand for smart and robotic tech as millennials have become the new generation of home buyers. 

Millennials grew up with technology, meaning they are not only tech-savvy, but technology plays an integral role in their everyday lives. Everything from how they live, work, play, communicate, and socialize revolves around technology. As such, we are seeing more home design and construction companies use more smart tech as well as adopting more technologically advanced internal processes and practices to attract millennial homebuyers.

What to Know About Millennial Home Buyers

It is a common misconception today that millennials are still young and inexperienced. millennials are primarily in their late 20s to early 40s, meaning they make up the majority of today’s consumers and home buyers. Though the rise of student debt and increased cost of living has led to financial insecurity, studies show that more than 72% of millennials consider homeownership to be their top priority

Furthermore, not only are millennials interested in buying homes, but they have very strong opinions and ideals in terms of what they are looking for. It’s not just about finding a quality, comfortable home to settle down in anymore — they want the best of the best so they can live better lives. This means having access to smart technology and sustainability. 

Millennials want homes that can make their lives easier and more efficient as well as reduce their carbon footprint. However, attracting millennial homebuyers isn’t just about using robotic tech and sustainable materials when designing the home, but about having technologically advanced and sustainable business practices and processes as well. 

From start to finish, this generation wants the entire home buying or building experience to be as efficient and sustainable as it can be. They want to work with companies that have the same beliefs and values as they do, actually using sustainable materials and practices instead of slinging greenwashed lies and ad campaigns. They want to know that the people building their homes are proficient in the tools that actually do contribute green and efficient outcomes, utilizing big data instead of bad data to save time and resources on the build. To achieve this, companies may need to reshape the way they do business. This will not only enable them to attract millennial home buyers, but it can help them improve the growth and success of their own business as well.  

What Smart Tech and Robots Are Most Attractive to Today’s Home Buyers

Aside from simply being fascinating and fun to own, robotic tech is revolutionizing our home lives. There are numerous smart and robotic technologies available to choose from, all of which help to improve our lives in some way, shape, or form. Automating the home using smart tech enables us to live more conveniently and often helps us save money and protect the environment by cutting down on the resources we use.

Some of the most popular robotic tech seen in homes today include:

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners: Smart vacuum cleaners like the Roomba are nothing new, but as technology advances, so do these floor cleaning robots. Today, there are several robotic vacuum cleaners on the market with the most advanced capabilities.  
  • Pet care robots: Pet care-related robots like smart litterboxes and pet feeders are also gaining in popularity. millennials are big on treating their pets like family, so if there is some new tech on the market that can give their furry friends a better life, they’ve got to have it. 
  • Pool cleaning robots: Even pools have their own robots now. Self-cleaning pool systems have been around for a while, but with new technology, these devices are getting even smarter and more efficient to ensure your pool is as clean and healthy as possible. 
  • Smart lawnmowers: Autonomous lawnmowers that work similarly to smart vacuum cleaners are also starting to become available. Like the Roomba, they use special sensors and other smart systems, so they only cut the grass and know when to stop or where the edge of your yard is. 
  • Robotic window cleaner: Window robots are another new piece of tech that is starting to show up in modern homes. These robots use suction to hold onto the window as they move around, cleaning the surface. Millennials love them because they save time and reduce the amount of cleaning supplies and chemicals you have to buy.  

Final Thoughts

Though many question the ethics and safety of using robots in the home, especially as they become more intelligent and autonomous, it is likely that household robots will become the new norm. Though it’s not quite commonplace yet to come across a home full of robots, we are not far off from this high-tech future. As newer generations that rely on technology grow up to become homebuyers, robots will likely become just as normal as having pets roaming around.  

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