Go Sphero! Get Your Robot Ball Today

Posted on 13/06/2012 by robotshopmascot in Toys
Tags: Orbotix, Sphero
Sphero, by OrbotixSphero, by Orbotix
Sphero is an amazing robotic ball that  can be controlled via a Smartphone using Bluetooth. There are various free apps designed specifically for this robot ball allowing it to be programmed to follow patterns, play games, scare your cat, and more. Most importantly, it is now available at RobotShop! Oh, and did we mention it is waterproof and floats!
If you're wondering what apps are available for this cute robot, all your questions will be answered in the video below showcasing the iOS and Android apps.
This little robot is not only very fun to play with, it also includes an SDK that allows you to program it and interface it with pretty much any Bluetooth device. So, would you like to play with this cool robot? Get your Sphero today!
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