Gaiking Trailer: Shogun Warriors in a giant robots film

Posted on 30/03/2013 by vabry
Tags: Giant Robot

 The Toei Animation studio recently announced during the Tokyo Animation Fair 2010, the upcoming release of a new robot movie namedGaiking. In fact, Gaiking is a Goldorak style giant robot, which was part of a Go Nagai animated series from the 70s (1976). Mattel, which owns the toy line corresponding to the Shogun Warriors series, owns Gaiking and also Goldorak and Mazinger... (when will Goldorak come to the big screen?) The film should be released in 2012. A Matthew Gratzner production. Lightstage was already working on the project's special effects with Jules Urbach (who worked on Avatar, Spiderman II & III, Superman Returns, King Kong, Hancock, Benjamin Button) and Matthew Gratzner (co-founder of New Deal Studios, who already worked in Shutter Island, The Mummy and Iron Man). Meanwhile, watch the promising trailer:

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