Full Metal Dalek, Fiction Meets Dedication

Posted on 19/09/2013 by carlos-31 in Entertainment
Tags: Dalek, Dr. Who

Making replicas of robots seen in movies is not uncommon and there are many replicas of R2D2, Wall-E and Jonny 5 to name a few. Many of these incorporate a high level of detail while being faithful to the original robot's look and feel. However, most of these replicas do not match (or at least do not try to approximate) the specifications of the fictional character they are portraying. This is quite understandable  since fictional characters often depend on technology that does not yet exist or can be considered "magic".

Obey the Daleks!Obey the Daleks!

The Full Metal Dalek project aims to reproduce a Dalek (legendary Dr. Who enemy) with as much detail and accuracy as possible. This includes making it completely out of steel (or even titanium) to approximate a Daleks indestructible shell and using powerful LASERs. As you may imagine, such a project requires lots of funding and tremendous dedication, which is why they launched a KickStarter campaign to get the help of the Dalek-loving community.  As you can see in the video, making a Dalek is not an easy task, and they need as much help as they can get. However, sourcing the parts needed to make the control system and drive the robot around should be easy since most are available at RobotShop! We carry strong servo motors (to move the weapons and head around), linear actuators (for opening hatches)), and mecanum platforms and accessories (for driving the robot around), just to name a few. Are you a Dr. Who fan? Do you like crazy robot-building adventures? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts about this project.

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