FlowBotics Studio is now FREE!

FlowBotics Studio

FlowBotics Studio is a Windows-based robotics software development platform and the perfect tool to create robot apps and is now becoming free for all! It includes everything you need to make your robots smarter and boasts the powerful FlowBotics graphical programming language. A complete user guide is available (English) and various demo robotics projects help you get started. It can be used to control just about any robotics platform, data acquisition board, motor controller, servo board, sound card, or webcam.

FlowBotics Modules

The serial port communication in FlowBotics allows you to connect to a wide range of low-cost robots. You can use Inverse Kinematics (IK) and Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) modules to manage movement and create impressive interactive user interfaces to control your robot live. For example, one app which can be adapted for your robotic arm needs is FlowArm which was designed using FlowBotics to be a stand-alone APP for Lynxmotion's AL5 series robotic arms.

This stand-alone executable APP created for Lynxmotion's AL5 series robotic arms is actually composed of modules and components which replace the need for extensive and custom programming:

FlowBotics - FlowArm

Want an easy way to capture data from the outside world? The FlowBotics GUI has built in support for many popular data acquisition devices: for example, you can use a Phidgets Sensor Interface Kit 8/8/8 to sample analog and digital signals. You can customize the serial communication for your specific electronic board as well. By connecting to external analog I/O devices, you can stream high data rate signals directly into FlowBotics. The Stream data components and DSP code component can then be used to create complex signal processing, and all this happens in real time. You can even tweak your algorithms and user interface live – while your data continues to stream. This makes the development process extremely quick as you see the effects straight away.

FlowBotics Hardware

Learn more about FlowBotics Studio on the Lynxmotion Wiki.

Join the discussion or ask questions here on the RobotShop Community.

Download FlowBotics Studio for FREE.

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