Ecovacs Winbot W730, W830 And W930 Comparison

Posted on 26/05/2015 by bhubert in Domestic
The new Winbot 830 and Winbot 930 are hitting the market and we are getting a lot of questions to explain the differences between these robot window cleaners. We therefore thought we could help by explaining the differences. We will also take a look back at the popular Winbot 730 to compare all models. Lets have a look at designs and accessories included with each robot. Winbot 730
Winbot 730 AccessoriesWinbot 730 with Accessories
  Winbot 830
Winbot 830 AccessoriesWinbot 830 with Accessories
  Winbot 930
Winbot 930 AccessoriesWinbot 930 with Accessories
  Here is a look at the underside of each robot. We will explain the differences. Winbot 730 The cleaning cloths are included in a pair, one for the front and the other for the back of the robot. Right under the front cleaning cloth there is a squeegee to pick up excess of cleaning solution. There are two pairs of cleaning cloths included with the robot. This model will always go front first, only deviates when gently pushing against the window frame.  
Winbot 730 UndersideWinbot 730 Underside
  Winbot 830  The cleaning cloth goes all around the robot, this model does not have any squeegee to pick up access of cleaning solution. The Winbot 830 can go in two different directions, forward and backwards making it easier when pushing against a window frame to turn around. There are three cleaning cloths included with this robot. The W830 will work on textured glass as well because of its suction method versus the other Winbots.  
Winbot 830 UndersideWinbot 830 Underside
  Winbot 930 The cleaning pads are bigger than on the other models of Winbot, more efficient for picking up the cleaning solution residue. There is a squeegee all around the air cupule and tracks, this is great so no excess of cleaning solution will go in the middle and interfere with the vacuum or make the tracks slippery. The 930 really stands out, the middle of the robot where the air cupule and wheels are located is independent from the base, it can rotate on 360 degrees without the whole base rotating along with the middle. They call this the new SmartMove System that separates navigation from cleaning. It can therefore travel in all directions (forward, backward and side-to-side) while the microfiber cleaning pad cleans in all directions. The is great for larger windows since it is quicker and more efficient. There are three cleaning cloths included with this model.  
Winbot 930 UndersideWinbot 930 Underside
  For the rest of the accessories, they are all included with each model, which is a remote control, cleaning solution, power supply, security harness and a finishing cloth. The 730 is rectangular shaped and wider than long, the 830 and 930 are square measuring the same in width and length and the 930 is bigger than the 830. Here are the different dimensions for the three units. Width X Length X Height in centimeters : Winbot 730 : 33.2 X 22.5 X 9.5 Winbot 830 : 22 X 22 X 10.5 Winbot 930 : 30.7 X 30.7 X 12.4 They can all clean frameless windows and all models determine the size of the window to clean in order to find the best cleaning path. The 730 is wider than the 830, but since the 830 goes in two directions it does not change the coverage. The 930 is big and feels heavy but is the same weight as the 730. The 930 is not wider than the 730 but it is more square and the base can clean in all directions giving it the best coverage out of the three models. The 930 is therefore the best choice for larger windows, it can also clean smaller windows since the base doesn't have to turn. The W930 can clean a window as small as 13″ versus 17″ for the other Winbots because of turning ratio. Here are short videos of How to, and start guides for the three different models. This is great to get a better visualization of the Winbots.   Winbot 730 Video
  Winbot 830 Video
  Winbot 930 Video
  We hope that this information provided will help guide you in the decision of you new robotic window cleaner. Feel free to leave a reply for additional questions or submit a ticket to our Support Center in the Domestics Robots department.
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