Ecovacs Robots Now Available at RobotShop

Posted on 17/05/2013 by robotshopmascot in Domestic, Vacuum
Ecovacs RobotsEcovacs Robots
We are happy to announce the availability of the Ecovacs product line at RobotShop. This innovative manufacturer currently produces three different robots: the Atmobot, the Deebot and the WinBot. Atmobot is an air-purifying robot that roams the house seeking pollutants in the air and eliminating them. This is a very unique robot and the only one of its kind now available on the market. You can see it in action in the video below.
Deebot is a robot vacuum cleaner with a twist; It vacuums the floors just like many other robots do, but has a very handy feature: its docking station can automatically empty its dustbin and the same station doubles as a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This means that with this system, you will not need to empty your robot vacuum as often as with other models. Also, you can use the hand-held vacuum to finish cleaning of other surfaces which the robot cannot reach. See an in-depth presentation of the robot below.
Winbot is a window and glass cleaning robot. It uses a suction system to stick to glass surfaces, which makes it very versatile and capable of cleaning many types of windows and glass panes. The video below shows this handy robot in action
We hope you are as excited as we are about these awesome robots. Order them now and let the robots take care of your home!
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