EAI Technology's Encounter with Xiaomi in Pursuit of Dreams



Technology Brings a Better Life


On the evening of August 14th, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Technology, held the fourth annual speech on "Growth" at the National Convention Center.


During the three-hour annual speech, Lei Jun shared Xiaomi's technology upgrade strategy and unveiled the annual groundbreaking products. Among them, the revolutionary new bio-mimetic quadruped robot, "Xiaomi CyberDog 2," made its first appearance in this speech.


During the showcase of the core components of this intelligent and adorable pet, CyberDog 2, the star product "YDLIDAR TG30 Lidar" developed by Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. (EAI Technology) was prominently featured and introduced during the speech.


The second-generation bio-mimetic quadruped robot, CyberDog 2, has undergone a comprehensive evolution from the inside out. With AI empowerment on all fronts, it combines appearance, movement, and thinking to achieve the ultimate level of bio-mimicry. Through self-developed micro-motors and advanced motion control algorithms, under its streamlined and highly dynamic exterior, it moves and behaves just like a real dog, agile and affectionate, incredibly lifelike.

Multidimensional perception is a crucial aspect of CyberDog 2's high-level biomimicry. Its ability to see, hear, and sense is what enables CyberDog2 to provide a superior intelligent interactive experience.

The YDLIDAR TG30, developed by EAI Technology, was honored with the title of "Outstanding Product at the 2020 China High-Tech Fair." It not only exhibits strong resistance to intense light interference but also offers a maximum detection range of up to 30 meters. With an IP65 protection rating, it effectively guards against dust and water, making it suitable for a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environments.

Furthermore, thanks to its high precision and stability, the 360° omnidirectional scanning capability of the TG30 provides CyberDog2 with functionalities such as mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance, and path planning. It also ensures the reliable execution of numerous high-fidelity and challenging actions, such as continuous backflips, skateboarding, automatic standing, and provides effective support for continuous care-giving, operating "24/7."

During Xiaomi's unwavering journey of pursuing dreams among the stars and the vast sea, they have been accompanied by brave dreamers every step of the way. EAI Technology, as a dreamer chasing "light" has always upheld its original intentions and maintained an ultimate pursuit and keen insight into intelligent sensors. It has had the privilege of crossing paths with Xiaomi on their journey of dreams.

Leveraging EAI Technology's technological leadership in the field of intelligent sensors, its advantages in supply chain integration, and the large-scale production capabilities characterized by high precision and stability, EAI Technology successfully met Xiaomi's rigorous supplier selection and performance testing criteria. As a result, it has become one of Xiaomi's core component suppliers.



Building a Solid Foundation, Continuously Leading


Over the course of eight years of pursuing their dreams, EAI Technology has bridged the gap in three core technologies: hardware, software, and chipsets. They have groundbreaking lowered the price of intelligent sensors to the hundred-yuan level, contributing to the domestic substitution within the industry. EAI Technology has achieved product performance leadership, process technology leadership, and a priority on user experience. They have also been pioneers in entering the era of mass production of consumer-grade and commercial-grade intelligent sensors, with production numbers reaching millions.


EAI Technology has consistently adhered to an "innovation-driven" approach, guided by the market and bolstered by "self-developed chipsets + algorithm innovation" as its twin pillars. They have built a strong fortress of intellectual property rights, enriched their product portfolio, and strategically expanded their presence. This has accelerated product iteration, upgrades, and the development of new offerings. On the product front, EAI Technology relentlessly pursues high performance, stability, and scalability. While maintaining the utmost cost-effectiveness, they are driving product innovation towards integration and chip-set integration. This lays a solid foundation for the rapid evolution, cost optimization, and performance enhancement of customer products.



Staying Grounded, Gazing at the Stars


EAI Technology extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the dreamers who have provided affirmation and support throughout its growth journey.


With the aim of bringing positive value to society, EAI Technology is igniting the flame of chasing "light" within their hearts. They are fully devoted to the field of intelligent sensors, hoping to break cognitive boundaries, embrace limitless possibilities, and collectively create a magnificent future for the artificial intelligence industry with all the dreamers of this era. Their goal is to ensure that technology continues to bring intelligent and better lives to people in a benevolent way.


More info: www.ydlidar.com

Contact: [email protected]

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