Dynamixel Pro - Based "Thor-OP" Humanoid Revealed

Posted on 18/10/2013 by cbenson in Humanoids, Military, Industry

When we first saw Robotis release their new line of professional (and large) Dynamixel Pro servo motors, we knew it would not be long until they were used to create larger humanoids. So, not long after their release, "THOR" was revealed; Robotis' child-sized humanoid entry into the DARPA humanoid challenge. The latest iteration of this robot is called "THOR-OP":

The rectangular smart servos can be seen on the right at the start of the video and there seems to be about 30 of them needed for the robot, separated into four types. THOR-OP stands 150 cm tall and although it may not seem fast, it is self-supporting with on-board power. The THOR-OP comes after the release of THOR-MANG back in July 2013, and its predecessor, THOR (2012).

THOR-MANGTHOR-MANG was revealed around June 2013

L54 and H54 Dynamixel Pro models are available at the time of this post and are some of the largest and most powerful smart servos available. Additional models are set to be released later this year. Robotis was one of hte first companies to release smart servos and it's great to see them coming out with more powerful and capable models.

The THOR project is a collaboration between Virginia Tech, The University of Pennsylvania, ROBOTIS and Harris Corp (an international communications and information contractor). A 3D rendering of what THOR might look like was revealed back in October 2012. The Virginia Tech team alone is set to receive an estimated $4 million in funding for the project. The project's end date is set for December 2014.

Via Virginia Tech and I, Bioloid

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