Determining the ID of a Phidget Board

If you plan on using multiple Phidget devices in your project, then you'll need to use the unique serial number of the board to distinguish between each one. This is easy to do in Flowbotics, but first, you'll need to get the serial number. The serial number is listed on each device, or you can open the Phidget Control Panel and find your device and its respective serial number.

Phidgets Control Panel in WindowsPhidgets Control Panel in Windows
Back in Flowbotics, the serial number goes directly into the 'ID' or 'Conn' (connection string) input of the Phidget component. In most cases this is located directly below the 'Start' input. Simply connect a String component to the connection string.
Phidgets Flowbotics ComponentPhidgets Flowbotics Component
Flowbotics Serial Number as IDFlowbotics Serial Number as ID

If you want to connect to a device on a remote server, provide the device serial, IP and port or server name and also a password if necessary separated by commas. Use -1 as the serial if you want to connect to the first device found. Example connection strings: “196491” or “635824,myserver” or “-1,myserver,password” or “142567,,800,password”

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