Design Goodness - The Art of Mike Libby

Posted on 12/12/2007 by wcox in Industry
Last time we had a Design Goodness post, it was featuring the amazing Minimechadon creation of Mike Smyth, this time its the steampunkesc insect/clockwork creations of Mike Libby.
Insects have always fascinated me and so does human technology, or maybe its more the need for humans to create and use technology that is more intriguing. Either way, the interest for me, and it is slightly a romantic interest, is combining two elements that are very opposite, yet compliment each other conceptually and visually.
Libby takes insects and combines them with the insides of mechanical watches. The result is a strange, yet beautiful, piece of art. Libby sells his creations for $150 - $500 dollars. You can see the full gallery of his creations, from arachnids to bees on his website. These would make perfect gifts for your creepy relatives who have everything else under the sun.
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