Coming Soon: New RobotShop Community Platform

It’s official the new RobotShop Community Platform is set to launch on September 18th! RobotShop will offer, to its current members and future users of the new Community platform, a more convenient area to engage, showcase projects and prosper. By centralizing all its resources and its current Community web pages (LMR, Forum, GoRobotics, Blog, etc.) at one place, users will have the chance to share their projects as well as exchange with the largest community of robotics enthusiasts.

New RobotShop Community platform, online soon.New RobotShop Community platform, online soon

This new platform will be managed by our new community manager Mariane. Mariane was first hired in RobotShop’s team as a Content Specialist and has several skills in domains such as communications, cinema and writing. Her ever-growing interest in robotics and technologies, her passion, creativity and experience make her a prime candidate to drive the RobotShop community towards growth and success. As a new active member of the RobotShop online community, Mariane’s goal will be to ensure the new platform runs optimally; she will communicate and interact with you via our platform and social media, ask for your opinion and much more. Her new role will be backed by a competent team of robotics engineers and technicians. Their collaborative support and their robotics expertise will serve the entire community, whether it is in forum posts, news feed, and so on. Stay tuned for more information on this new platform and join us on September 18th!

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