Build Your Own Underwater ROV For $250

Posted on 02/09/2007 by wcox in Underwater, Industry
Have you ever wanted to plumb the depths of your neighbors pond or swimming pool looking for lost treasure - cell phones, watches, ... ? Well, thanks to the smart kids over at Carl Hayden High School (also check out their blog) you can now buy a ROV-in-a-Box Project Kit for a mere $250 USD. The kit, which is being sold by !nventivity, LLC,  ...
Includes all the parts needed to build a working underwater robot: frame, motors, underwater light, camera, 50-foot tether, operator control box, and dry-cell battery.
For all you skin-flints out there, you can also buy just the instructions and parts list for $50. Using the three thrusters and built-in underwater camera, you'll be up and swimming in no time - just plug the RCA video-out cable in a TV monitor for hot ROV action. Note that you'll need to provide your own, "PVC cement, soldering iron, wrenches, drill, scissors, battery charger, or TV monitor", ok? The kit is being promoted by the Honeywell Hometown Solutions National Underwater Robotics Challenge (NURC) for use in their upcoming 2008 Underwater Challenge. The NURC website also has some tutorials for up-and-coming teams, on topics like, "make an inexpensive water-tight thruster ", or "make an inexpensive water-tight light" - many of which were also put together by the folks at Carl Hayden High. You can see some video of the ROV (complete with kickin' tunes) after the jump.
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