Bomb Robot Helps Secure Boobytrapped Meth Lab

Posted on 21/07/2005 by wcox in Industry
ImageWell, it looks like meth lab perps are getting all fancy on law enforcement and boobytrapping their operations. We get a story out of the St. Louis area about a bomb removal robot getting put to good use.

"... RMI-9WT Bomb Removal Robot, owned by St. Louis County police, ... detonated the [bomb] in a nearby open field, preventing certain injury or death to police and civilians. Shrapnel flew as far as 75 yards away."

"''If not for the robot, our people would have hand-carried them (explosives) out."

The robot sutained about $25,000 worth of damage, but can be repaired, and is certainly cheaper than buying a new one - about $100,000. The St. Louis police department has at least two of them.

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