Artistic Robot Sculptures and Exhibits

Posted on 22/01/2006 by wcox in Industry

Image Sadly, we roboticists cannot spend every minute of every day building 'bots. No, we need culture, too, and there is no better way to get it than by taking a trip to the museum.

To see what, you may ask? Robotic sculptures, of course! This week past, news came in of an exhibit at the Coleman Gallery in Massachusetts. For those in Ontario, watch the Toronto area for Norman T. White exhibit (which my family caught in 2004). There is also the venerable Bennett Robot Works, which has been shown in Florida and New York. Finally, if you want to see a real robot’s robot, check out Elektro in the Mansfield Memorial Museum, Ohio.

What about where you live? Can you share a lead or link for some good local robot art?

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