4 Tips to Choose the Best Domestic Robot for Your Home Needs

Posted on 14/09/2017 by millierainer in Domestic
Domestic robots are at the cutting edge of latest technological developments. Home-use robots range from Spanish robot tutors to emotional humanoid robots that provide companionship and solace. Other popular categories include robotic personal assistants and home cleaning robots. There are even cute canine robots that can interact with you just like a pet dog. So when there are so many options out there how do you decide what is the best robot to buy?
robot-roundup-neato-botvac-d85-performance-robot-vacuum-cleanerNeato Botvac D85
Cost and functions are critical factors to consider. And if you have a million dollars to spare there are advanced robots that can recognize family members, run up stairs, manipulate objects, empty garbage, and work in the kitchen or even give you a ride outside on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The most popular domestic robots are without a doubt the vacuum cleaning robots that make maintaining a spick and span home easy. But it can be quite intimidating to make up your mind as to what type of robot works best for your domestic needs. Here are a few things you need to consider if you want to buy a domestic robot.

Consider Your Needs

There are robots customized to cater to your various needs. If you are super busy at work all day, then a home robot to do cleaning chores will be of great help. There are robot vacuum cleaners, pool cleaners, and lawn mowers. They not only do a great job but also follow pre-programmed schedules so that there is no need for constant supervision or monitoring.
robot-roundup-robomow-rc306-robot-lawn-mowerRoboMow Lawn Mower
Some of the features you need to consider include cleaning modes and options, the area covered by the robot, ease of mobility and whether the robot vacuum will bump into objects or get stuck often, battery life and recharging options. Most home robots automatically dock and recharge when required. You also need to check the size of the dust bin or debris compartment, suitability of cleaning patterns, portability and price. In addition to vacuum cleaning robot and floor mopping robots, you can also consider buying a specialized automatic vacuum cleaning robots that remove pet hair and other allergens from the floor and carpet, floor scrubbing robots or oven grill cleaning robots. Robotic cleaners are available in all price ranges. Advanced sensors, a unique blend of cleaning tools, sophisticated navigation systems, ability to visualize locally or map the room as it cleans, and automatic docking and charging are features that can spread the price range further. Least expensive models are priced below $100 and fall in the category of robotic dusters or robotic sweepers.

Understand the Floor Type

tips on choosing domestic robotsNeato BotVac on hardwood floor
The type of flooring in your house also determines the type of robot vacuum cleaner you must go for. Hardwood, carpet, linoleum, laminate and ceramic tile flooring have different vacuuming requirements. Some vacuum cleaning robots are especially equipped to clean carpets whereas others clean hardwood floors well. Carpet floors can be cleaned efficiently using mid-range vacuum cleaning robots. Medium pile, soft and plush carpets can also be cleaned using high-suction robotic cleaners. Suction power is measured in Watts and higher end models usually have more power. But if you have high-pile shag carpeting, then manual vacuuming will still be needed. This is because vacuum cleaning robots do not have the suction power required to clean them as efficiently as manual vacuums.

Size of the Room

Higher end models of robot vacuum cleaners are able to map the layout of your home and clean multiple rooms. The robot does a 360-degree scan of the room and is able to systematically clean the room following a set back-and-forth navigation pattern. They are also able to dock and recharge and resume the cleaning process. Studio apartments and small flats can be cleaned efficiently using basic robots models that are also priced reasonably. They can effectively clean small rooms and can also adjust to both hard-surfaced and carpet floors. So a small apartment with area rugs and different floor surfaces will do well with a mid-range model that has semi-random navigation

Other Handy Features

Neato Cleaning AppNeato D7 with Wi-Fi remote control
Other than the basic features, there are other desirable features as well that will help make your robotic friend a very efficient housekeeper. Choose a robot vacuum that is able to automatically dock, recharge and resume its cleaning duties, if it has left the job mid-way through. This is necessary to ensure that you do not walk into a partially cleaned home. The ability to schedule cleaning sessions is another feature that will enable you to clean your house in a regular manner. Most new models are Wi-Fi enabled and allow you to activate the robot and monitor its movements using your smartphone app. The ability to remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner is a must-have feature and will be a lifesaver if you are going to have unexpected guests on a busy weekday. A feature that is particularly useful is the ability to lay down boundary markers or no-entry areas to ensure the vacuum stays away. This will allow you to cordon off potentially dangerous areas like your kids’ play corner with puzzle pieces spread out or that nook where computer charging cords pose a tripping risk to the robot. Physical barrier strips or invincible barriers signal the vacuum to turn away. Neato vacuum cleaner model typically have this feature.


A robot vacuum cleaner can make home cleaning easy, automated and efficient. Ensure you do your research and choose the right model to get your home looking shiny and clean every day.  
Millie Rainer is a content strategist at ICRFQ that is an electronic components distributor & IC supplier in Hong Kong, China. ICRFQ specializes in sourcing hard-to-find components and ICs through its unparalleled worldwide network of supply.
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