2013 DARPA Humanoid Challenge Updates

Atlas going for a rideAtlas going for a ride
We covered previously the announcement of the 2013 DARPA Robotic Challenge. Today, DARPA released two very interesting videos: one presenting Atlas, the official humanoid platform for the challenge developed by Boston Dynamics, and another introducing the other contestants in the challenge (Chimp, HUBO, Robosimian, Valkyrie, SCHAFT, and THOR).
2013 Robotic DARPA Challenge Contestants2013 Robotic DARPA Challenge Contestants
Without further ado, meet Atlas, a ridiculously advanced and somewhat scary humanoid robot in the video below.
If you are like us, you might have mixed feelings about this robot. On one hand, its capabilities and level of sophistication are mind-blowing, on the other, this being a military robot, it could be used to blow up more than your mind. (Un)fortunately, it is not alone. It will be competing against six other robots that you can see below.
After seeing these robots, are you afraid or hopeful about the future of humanity? What are you fear and hopes about this technology. Let us know in the comments below.
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