20% Off On All iRobot Domestic Robots

Posted on 22/05/2014 by robotshopmascot in Domestic, Vacuum
iRobot 10% Off


The iRobot discount has been changed to 10% Off. Act now, this discount is only for a limited time.
Here is your chance to purchase an iRobot vacuum or floor cleaner at a great price. RobotShop is offering a 20% 10% off the retail price of all iRobot Domestic Robots. This includes the iRobot Roombas, Braavas and Scoobas available for sale on the RobotShop website. Along with this offer we still provide our popular 5 years warranty on all Roomba's and Braava's sold. We also offer free shipping for orders over $75 within North America.   Here are a few examples of products you can purchase at a discounted price today: Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the premium Roomba featuring Dirt Detect Series 2 technology which helps the robot perform concentrated cleaning in the dirtiest areas and ensure the whole floor is thoroughly vacuumed. Roomba 780's state-of-the-art touchpad eliminates buttons and gives you control of the robot at the touch of your fingertips. The Full Bin Indicator lets you know when the dust bin is full and needs to be emptied.
irobot-roombaiRobot Roomba 780
The Braava 380t Automatic Floor Cleaner sweeps and mops using popular cleaning cloths. Guided by NorthStar Navigation, Braava 380t tracks where it cleans so it doesn't miss a spot. It's sole mission is to meticulously clean your hard surface floors. Using popular and proven cleaning cloths from brands like Swiffer and Pledge, Braava helps keep floors fresh and clean for you.
irobot-braavaiRobot Braava 380t
Don't miss out on this opportunity to offer the gift of a clean home.
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