Walking Humanoid Robot

Posted on 24/01/2019 by jeffro
Modified on: 28/01/2019
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I was in need of a small humanoid type robot to use for doing various walking gaits on.

More detail to come

This robot was built to use to test various walking gaits on.

The biggest problem with any biped robot is going from a tile surface to carpet.

Rather than build something large and spend a lot of time I decided to build a small biped that I could use as a test platform.

The biped uses 13 TowerPro SG90 Servos, 1 Sharp IR Sensor and Arduino UNO and a Servo Shield.

The power comes from 2-3.7v 800 mAH batteries.

I also designed a servo sequencer that allows me to easily move each part and save the movements.

The movements can then be exported out to a text file to produce the Arduino code for servo position.

I have also made several different types of leg pieces and feet at various angles to get the best results.

Once this is working correctly I will be scaling it up.

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