Teiu - 2DOF mech project

Posted on 29/12/2018 by calango
Modified on: 26/04/2020
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Just a simple arduino quadruped with 2 mg996r servos per leg.
The partes were 3D printed in ABS.

My goal is to enter Mech Warfare at RoboGames in future.

If you like the robot and want to know some more details about it, I can write a better description. Just leave a comment :)

Anyway I'ill update the project as it goes on.

Here's a video of the first walk test:


I added a bluetooth module HC-05 on the Arduino Nano controller and made a simple Android app to control the robot. Here's a vídeo:


Proceeding with the project, I made a "head" ou of a Tupperware plastic container on a pan/til servo-driven mechanism. You will notice that it has a PiCamera on it, and also a Raspberry Pi 3B+ model. My goal is to program an automatic object track for the robot to aim by itself through computer vision (I'm actually advanced in this part, but I'ill share it later when it's completely done).

So I mounted the airsoft guns on the robot's "head" and tested it.

Here's a video of Teiu shooting:


And here's a video of it walking with the turret mounted on:


So here's the first developments in auto-aiming (or aiming assistant) system:

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