Star Wars Rickshaw Droid from Book of Bobba Fett

Posted on 08/07/2023 by TKCC71 in Star Wars Droids
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Hi I'm Tim O'Sullivan, basically I have a love for recreating all things Star Wars. Over the last 6 years, my Droid building resume has included the likes of R2D2, BB8, DO, Chooper, a animatronic Rat Catcher, Animatronic Babu Frik,  Animatronic Grogu,  Animatronic Ithorian,  Animatronic Argus (6 eyes), lifesize full animatronic C-3PO that was recently presented at the Center of Science and Industry Museum (CoSi) and now taking on a new fun and challenging project, The Rickshaw Droid from the Book of Bobba Fett.

Star Wars Ricksahw Droid from the Book of Bobba Fett

Most of this driod was modeled in Fusion 360 based of of the original displayed during Star Wars Celebration Los Angeles. The original on display had included the upper body so designing the wheel is based of images from the series. Guessing that the lower wheel was CGI'd. The plan for this Droid is roll on two wheels and giving the the illusion of self balancing using a rear rickshaw. The wheel drive and the upper head are currently fully RC controlled through a Polulu Maestro board. The upper torso is now complete and will be testing the lower wheel mechanism design shortly. More to come.. If interested please check out this project and more of my work via Intstagram at  or Facebook at


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