Self Balancing CMG (mechanical gyroscopes)

Posted on 29/06/2024 by demej00
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Here are a couple of videos of my self balancing cmg efforts. I have been building these simple machines for about seven years now and am just infatuated with how they can stand up on two legs or two wheels.

Adding motor to a toy gyroscope

The following video shows a cmg balancing itself on two legs (screws). I took a toy gyroscope, cut the gyro shaft and added a brass adapter between the shaft and a 180 dc motor (5mm to 2mm). Then mounted the motor to the top of the gyro frame and held it on with a single zip tie. Surprisingly it holds the motor on quite well but there are some high frequency vibrations going on.

I have ordered some 2x5mm bearings to allow the gyro shaft to rotate with a little less vibration.

Also need to up the size of the motor as it heats up and will eventually burn out I think and the added weight on the top of the gyro should help fight the precession a bit.

This next video is of a gyro car that I completed in 2021 but had worked on it for six or seven years. It will balance very well, even on a rope. It moves forward and backward with left and right turns. It uses a single gyro like the GyroX car from 1967 and unlike the dual cmg cycle from Lit Motors. 


Finally, here is a free booklet I put together on the subject:


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